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Sad news at EMHA

It is a sad day for the headache world and for the EMHA it is with the greatest sadness that we announce the sudden death of Dr.Paolo Rossi, Board Member and Medical Advisor to EMHA. Paolo was killed in a car accident leaving his work last night. We would like to share in our site condolences to him and his family. Below you can find some kind words in letters dedicated to Paolo from EMHA President Mr. Patrick Little and Professor. Cristina Tassorelli, Chair of Neurology, Dept. of Brain and Behavioral Sciences at the University of Pavia.

From the EMHA we are opened to receiving your comments if you wish to show your condolences to Paolo´s family. Also using #EMHAlliancePaoloRossi or tagging us through @EMHAlliance in social media we will be sharing within the organization platforms your posts.


Letter to Paolo from Patrick Little

(EMHA President)

Paolo was Chief of the Headache Clinic at INI Grottaferrata in Rome and Head of Clinical Neurology at the Nursing School at Tor Vergata University. In particular, Paolo was renowned for his international work in Cluster Headache and for passionately and tirelessly working for a better understanding of the condition and for improved treatment to people who suffer. Just last month he was part of an EMHA delegation who presented on Cluster Headache to the European Parliament.

But mostly Paolo will be remembered by all our members across Europe as a patients champion. His warmth and humanity were felt by everyone who knew him. His untimely death has left us shocked and bereft. We send our deepest sympathy to his wife and two daughters whom he adored.

Patrick Little
President European Migraine and Headache Alliance


Letter to Paolo from Professor Cristina Tassorelli

(Chair of Neurology, Dept. of Brain and Behavioral Sciences at the University of Pavia)

Today the Headache World is sad.

Paolo Rossi, a beautiful person, a sincere friend, an exceptional neurologist passed away in a tragic car crash, while he was driving home to his beloved daughters and wife.

Paolo was a colleague, a researcher, a full, precious member of the Headache Group in Pavia, even if he never abandoned his beautiful city, Rome.

An honest, righteous person, an extremely intelligent, fine mind, a man with a straight backbone.

One with the precious quality to see the line and go straight to the point, one who caught immediately the sense of things and valued them. One who always spoke the truth and abhorred compromise.

One who set his family at the highest level of his priority scale, but never let down a colleague-friend.

An intimately gentle and noble soul, respectful of others’ views and emotions. Someone you could always feel close, even if he lived far away and did not travel much.

One you could count on, always.

Ciao Paolo, we already miss you and our world without you is colder and hollower.

I do hope that our deep affection can reach you in your new place

Professor Cristina Tassorelli and the Pavia Headache Group


Letter to Paolo from Audry Craven

(EMHA Past President)

Paolo's tragic death is a terrible shock and we in the patient advocacy world have lost a great champion.  I can only imagine how sad all who knew him to feel but most of all his precious family. My deepest sympathy to all in EHMA, his family and those who had the privilege of knowing him. May the good Lord give strength and comfort to the bereaved in the days to come.

I have only the highest praise for Paolo and his dedication to improving the quality of life for all those living with headache disorders notably cluster. The best way we, in the patient community, can honor his memory is to re-double our efforts to pursue this cause. 

Be assured of my condolences and prayers at this difficult time.


Letter to Paolo from Gus Baldwin
(Chief Executive at Migraine Trust)

We were very sad to learn of the sudden death of Dr. Paolo Rossi.

Paolo was Chief of the Headache Clinic at INI Grottaferrata in Rome and Head of Clinical Neurology at the Nursing School at Tor Vergata University. He was also a board member and medical advisor to the European Headache and Migraine Alliance.

He was dedicated to helping people affected by migraine and cluster headache and improving understanding and treatment of both conditions.

Everyone at The Migraine Trust extends our deepest condolences to his family.

Gus Baldwin
Link to the letter here

3 Responses

  1. It was an absolute pleasure being able to meet Paolo and working with him, all the hard work and efforts he did for the headache community will always remain. My respect and deepest condolences to his beloved family. RIP

  2. We lost an important figure in the headache field. We are deeply sorry and we transmit our condolences to his family.

  3. Dear Friends,
    I have read your letters expressing your great affection and esteem towards my beloved husband Paolo.
    On behalf of his daughters Sofia and Nicoletta, I would like to thank you for your closeness in this moment of deep sorrow. We believe that Paolo will continue to live through everyone who knew him.

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