European Headache Alliance


The European Headache Alliance (EHA) is a non-profit, patient umbrella group, representing over 25 headache disorder patient organisations across Europe. EHA was created to speak on behalf of and to advocate for the rights and needs of the 80 million people in Europe living with a headache disorder.

The EHA magazine aims to spread and add value to all of the work done by the different organisations. Give voice and spread the concerns of headache patients across Europe, influencing policy makers in headache disorders.

We aim co-ordinae the eddorts of all the national advocacy groups in Europe, helping them by promoting common aims and goals.

Together with our website we will try to :

-What: Create testimonies, and share articles form other associations to improve patients Access to appropiate diagnosis

-Why: EHA strives to be open and accountable in all of our operations. We represent our members in a professional and respectful manner, valuing the contributions of each. We endeavour to make EHA sustainable in the longer term.

-Who: Migraine pacients and patients advocay groups from all around Europe

EHA Officers Members

Why choose us?

We are the only European headache umbrella organisation which represents migraine, cluster headache and other headache desorders.
We are the voice of the patient, we work in a reliable, rigorous and contrasted way. Interested in neurological research
We work close to other stakeholders like EPF, EHF,EFNA, EAN, ACN, etc....
We are the interlocutors in media. We represent the real burden of migraine, patients, and the new treatments. We are the representatives of society on the activities and projects that the patients carry out to improve the lives of the people affected.
We represent the voice of patients in political situations such as the European Parliament, the commission, EMA, and the health institutions of the member countries.