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Monthly Archives: May 2018

Arnold Neuralgia/Recurrent occipital pain cause

Recurrent, troublesome occipital pain associated with muscular tension is known as Arnold's neuralgia, a strange condition. The condition of peripheral nerves can produce the pain of varying intensity as a reflex mechanism, depending on the degree of damage being considered. Some anatomical locations are often associated with these syndromes, with the exception of the occipital…
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A laboratory that takes care of its employees

The following article shows a clear example of best practices at work and how important it is to have employees happy and satisfied at the workspace in order to have them working at their maximum possibilities. The pharmaceutical laboratory AbbVie recognizes that caring for the health and the well-being of its employees has an impact on…
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Galcanezumab-Cluster headache

Prevention of episodic cluster headache: Primary endpoint achieved in Phase 3 study 16/05/2018 Eli Lilly and Company announced that Galcanezumab met with the primary endpoint in a Phase 3 trial of episodic cluster headache patients, the statistically significant differences in reducing headache attacks In weekly clusters compared to placebo during the weeks one to three…
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New Drug Offers Hope to Millions With Severe Migraines

The first medicine designed to prevent migraines was approved by the Food and Drug Administration on Thursday, ushering in what many experts believe will be a new era in treatment for people who suffer the most severe form of these headaches. The drug, Aimovig, made by Amgen and Novartis, is a monthly injection with a…
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Migraines are associated with a polygenic inheritance

A new study has found that some families are especially sensitive to migraines and that genetics influences the type of migraine suffered by affected people. Migraine is a disease that has as its main symptom headache, throbbing, unilateral, accompanied by nausea or vomiting, sensitivity to light or sounds, usually very intense and disabling for those…
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